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Paying for Your Home Birth


Complimentary Interviews

Interviews are available, free of charge, to discuss payment options in detail and answer any questions you may have about our services.

General Description of Fees

Open Arms Midwifery, LLC accepts insurance. If your insurance will not cover homebirth or midwifery services and you are able to pay the fee prior to birth, Open Arms Midwifery, LLC offers a cash discount (see below) and payment plans.
In the event of transfer out of care for medical necessity during pregnancy, doula services will be offered and your fees are prorated. You are responsible for all hospital and physician fees.
Open Arms Midwifery, LLC offers a global fee of $3800 to those living in or near Madison. This fee includes 24-hour on-call access to your midwife, all prenatal and postpartum visits within the comfort and privacy of your own home, routine prenatal lab tests, continuous care during labor and birth, lactation support, assistant fees, use of a professional birth pool, placenta encapsulation, and access to monthly group prenatal meetings with other expecting families planning home births. The fee also includes in-home newborn metabolic, hearing, and congenital heart defect screening, which enables you and your baby to avoid the hospital setting for these procedures.


The global fee of $3800 will be billed to your insurance. You will be billed for any deductibles or co-pays not paid by your insurance, as well as for any discrepancies between billed and "allowable" amounts.

Most non-HMO plans reimburse for homebirth services. To determine your eligibility for midwife and homebirth reimbursement, contact your insurance representative.  Contact us for more details.
Madison-area HMOs (Dean, Group Health Cooperative, UW Health, and Physicians Plus) do not offer coverage for out-of-hospital midwives or homebirth. 

Wisconsin Licensed Midwives can now accept Medicaid/"BadgerCare"!

If you object to your insurance policies, please write a letter of complaint to your company, as well as to the State Insurance Commissioner.

Cash Discount

Open Arms Midwifery, LLC offers a 25% discounted global fee of $2900 for out-of-pocket pre-payment. This fee includes the same 24-hour on-call access to care mentioned above. The cash discount is payable at or before 36 weeks gestation.
Clients have successfully accessed Medical, Health Savings Accounts, and Flex plans to pay for midwifery and home birth services. An invoice will be generated at your request.

Outside the Madison Area

Rachel works with families outside of the Madison, WI area, but additional fees may apply to cover her travel time and expenses.

To answer any questions or for a free interview, contact us today!