Birth Stories and Testimonials

The Birth of a Whole New Family

"I knew I wanted to birth in my own space, on my own timeline, without feeling the added stress of needing to progress based on doctors expectations"

Shanda's story:

Being a healthy mom with low risks during pregnancy, I knew I wanted to birth in my own space, on my own timeline, without feeling the added stress of needing to progress based on doctors expectations. I had had a successful birth of my daughter in 2003 at the hospital, and while it was an ok experience, I wanted to be empowered and not feel hovered over. I am so blessed to have met Rachel during the birth of our middle child, Logan.  When we were expecting Malcolm, I knew she was the first person I had to contact.  The connection and relationship building you get by having a midwife can't be beat.  During our prenatal period Rachel conducted our prenatal visits in our home and even answered Logans questions and engaged him so he would feel empowered, she was patient and we never felt rushed during the appointments.  During the birth of Malcolm, I never felt rushed or stressed.  Her calm demeanor, knowledgeable support staff, and my team holding my birth space was serene.  Having a home birth meant that my other children could be present as they wished, or move to other rooms, even leave as we had people there for them, but they were never in the way or unwelcome during this welcoming of the newest member.  After he was born, it was beautiful watching Rachel go about her work checking on him.  He was never out of my sight, and she allowed me time to bond, asking me when I was ready for him to be weighed and measured.  As for postpartum follow-ups, midwives cannot be beat.  Not having to stress about getting put together and leave the house to go to a doctors office right after childbirth was amazing.  I love that they come to you, you can stay in the comfort of your own home, and you don't have to worry about going to a place where sick people go with your newborn!

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We feel immense gratitude for the care we received from Rachel throughout the entire process of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Rachel’s care provided the perfect blend of evidence based care, traditional wisdom, and respect for our values and concerns. Her gentle presence made us all feel at ease and part of the process – even our four-year-old got in on the act, converting his Tonka truck to a “midwife truck” to carry the Doppler! Our prenatal visits were never rushed, and Rachel took time to address not just my physical wellness, but also emotional, social, and nutritional concerns. The birth itself was very fast, but Rachel was there, crouched in our tiny bathroom as I caught my baby – flexible in every sense of the word! Our postpartum care, again, exceeded expectations, and it was so wonderful to receive that care in our home. Choosing Rachel to be our midwife was absolutely the right choice, and we highly recommend her!
The Hatch Creed family
Johanna, Evan, Liam, and baby Aurora, born 7/2/14